Woodchuck’s Furniture is a Jacksonville-based, family owned business that began more than 30 years ago. Their biggest sale of the year is their Annual Tent Sale event. I put together a complete marketing campaign for this sale, consisting of paid and organic social content, email campaigns, print ads, digital advertising and more.

Organic Social Media

Compared to the previous period, the posts increased organic reach on Facebook by 240.12%.

Print Ads

Email Campaigns

I designed and deployed four email newsletters promoting Woodchuck’s Tent Sale. Industry average retail open rate is 12.6%, with an average click-through rate of 1.1%. Woodchuck’s average open rate is 35.1%, putting them 94% above average; and their average click-through rate is 5.2%, putting them 130% above average.

A preview of one of the campaigns is below. Click the hyperlinks to view the full campaigns in a new tab.

VIP Members


New Inventory

Final Weekend

Digital Advertising (Search + Display)

Posted by:Sarah McPherson

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