Written for a client while interning at Go Bright Marketing:

Raspberry seed oil is a luxurious, sweet and attractive-sounding oil that does more than remind you of images of delicious fresh raspberries on a hot summer day. Small but mighty, cold-pressed raspberry seeds produce an oil that’s filled with skin-healthy vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, C and E; phytosterols; essential fatty acids; and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Let’s explore the biggest benefits of raspberry seed oil for small pets together!


            The anti-inflammatory properties we talked about earlier are perfect for preventing skin issues such as eczema. With frequent use of raspberry seed oil, your pet’s skin will improve in no time due to its potent essential fatty acid complex which is rich in omegas. Raspberry seed oil is also great at keeping the skin moisturized because of the phytosterols that help reduce trans-epidermal water loss!

Natural Sun Screen

            Humans aren’t the only ones who need protection from the sun! Raspberry seed oil is a natural protection from ultraviolet sunlight and can provide SPF as high as 28-50. When the oil is exposed to different forms of UV light, including UV-A and UV-B, it scatters and protects the skin by absorbing many of the rays. In addition to sun protection, raspberry seed oil can also assist in the regrowth of new skin cells and aid in the repair of sunburnt skin!

The Bottom Line

            The benefits of raspberry seed oil are not limited to the ones listed here. We are big fans of raspberry seed oil and the natural health it provides, which is why it is one of our other hero ingredients in Coconut Quills. Shop this product today to see your pet glowing from healthy skin!

Posted by:Sarah McPherson

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