I managed Barbara Jean’s Facebook page from February-April 2020. This included running digital ad campaigns, creating monthly social content calendars, scheduling posts, monitoring Barbara Jean’s Facebook daily to reply to comments and messages as necessary and analyzing the success of posts.

Page Followers

Barbara Jean’s started out with 972 page followers in the beginning of February. At the end of April, the number of followers grew to 1,189—a total of 215 new followers, a 22.3% growth.

Page Likes

In the beginning of February, Barbara Jean’s had 953 page likes. By the end of April, that number rose to 1,163. This resulted in a total of 210 new page likes, a 22% growth.

Post Reach

Barbara Jean’s achieved organic and paid reach. The total paid reach from February-April was 69,263, with an average of 2,234 per post. The total organic reach from February-April was 6,431, with an average reach of 110 per post.


Twenty-two posts were published between February and April, and the total number of engagement (reactions, shares and comments) for these posts was 350. Barbara Jean’s had an average number of engagement of 16 per post.

Posted by:Sarah McPherson

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