Through photography, social media, calligraphy and design, I am constantly seeking out and creating beauty. I am most myself when I am indulging my creative spirit and inspiring myself, and others, in the process.

My strong passion for aesthetics and creating led to my interest in social media and marketing. The four positions I have held in these areas taught me everything I know about blogging, content creation, analytics and engagement, market research, creating social media strategies, branding, copywriting, product photography, scheduling and planning.

Currently a senior at the University of North Florida, I am turning my passions into a career by majoring in communication with a focus in public relations, and minoring in marketing.


  • I drink a lot of coffee.
  • I am passionate about the color pink.
  • I was born and raised in Florida and despite what everyone else says, I don’t think Florida is that bad.
  • I have a minor obsession with potted plants.
  • My music taste ranges ranges from hard rock to One Direction and there’s really no in between.
  • I’m a hardcore morning person.
  • If I could eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner, I would.