It’s that time of the year again!

Going back to school after a much-needed summer break is never easy, but there are a few things we can do to make the transition more fun. Here are some of my favorite products I loved having around during the school semester!


A cute planner is a MUST! I keep my whole life in my planner and never let it out of my sight. I use the monthly view pages to write down deadlines and events (color coded, of course), and the weekly view pages to schedule when I’m doing which assignments. My planner is from Fringe – click here to glance at their available planners!


I didn’t realize how important water was until I was on campus running from class to my office all day long. Now, I’m more hydrated than ever thanks to my Ello water bottle! Having a cute, practical water bottle makes drinking water fun.


I’m very OCD when it comes to the way I take notes in class. I color-code everything, and it took me such a long time to find colored pens that didn’t run or smear on the pages! But these Paper Mate felt-tipped pens are a gift from God. Highly recommend!


Though arguably laptop stickers are not back to school essentials, they are very cute and make writing papers fun! I get my stickers from Redbubble. Tips for picking out laptop stickers: stick to one color scheme, and choose stickers that reflect something about you! I love my laptop stickers, and they’re always such a good conversation starter – even in professional business meetings.

Here’s to a great semester with (hopefully) less stress, more sleep and plenty of coffee. Happy studying!

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