Keeping indoor plants alive: easier said than done!

I used to have a black thumb. I couldn’t even be trusted with a succulent, supposedly the easiest plant on the planet to take care of. If I even looked at a plant, its leaves turned brown and droopy.

If this resonates with you, don’t worry! A green thumb is acquired, not inherited. There was hope for me and there is definitely hope for you as well.


The biggest mistake I made early on was assuming all I needed to do was water my plants and make sure they got sunlight. While that is true, there’s a lot more thought that goes into caring for indoor plants! Here are some of the mistakes I made:

  • OVERWATERING. I assumed all my plants needed to be watered in the same way – wrong! Watering my cactus at the same frequency as my peperomia resulted in a very dead cactus. Make sure to research how much water your plants need before you accidentally commit murder!
  • SUNLIGHT. After I killed my cactus, I then killed my peperomia by not placing it in a sunny spot! It was on a table that got maybe a sliver of light but definitely not enough. After I moved it to the window, it got so much healthier. Look into your plant’s sunlight needs the same way you do for watering!
  • CHECKING THE ROOTS. It’s ironic I neglected to check the roots of my plants considering they’re the feeding organ of the plant. If your house plant is looking a little sad, check the roots! They may be outgrowing their pot and need to be repotted in a larger container.
  • REPOTTING. Repotting your plants is so important! It ensures their new pot is big enough for their roots, gives them fresh soil, allows for better watering and prevents diseases.

Here’s to keeping plants alive for longer than five seconds. You grow girl!

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